Jon Dretto is an independent artist who writes, records, and tours the United States performing live. You might recognize Jon from his many viral videos. He has accumulated over 1.5 Billion views across social media. Jon has gained more than 5 million, social media followers, across multiple platforms. Having just signed a deal with Samsung, Jon has been flying “coast to coast” across the United States doing production, commercials, and press events for the tech giant. Jon has a bachelor's degree in Music Business and a degree in Music Theory and Performance. Jon is known for his melodic playing, music theory background, in-depth chord knowledge, arrangements, and blistering solos. In search of a new sound heavily based upon the guitar, Jon is busy writing new original material to release to his newly gained family of “DrettoHeads”. Stay up-to-date with Jon's new content daily on TikTok and Instagram.

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